Customer Success Consulting Packages

Tri Tuns Consulting Packages blend our team with your team to obtain rapid results and the business outcomes you require.

Our Customer Success Consulting Packages are designed to be fast and effective as well as achieve maximum Customer Success results in record time with minimal effort on your part. If you’re a SaaS software buyer or seller in need of in-depth help or just a quick review of your Customer Success strategy and plans, then we have the right package for you company.


The Core Issue SaaS Vendors Need to Solve

Adopttec - Accelerate Your Customer Success Program

Adopttec is a cloud-based customer success training and playbook solution. Learn how it can help you accelerate and scale your customer success program.

Tri Tuns offers several consulting packages to enhance your customer success efforts. Click on a link below to learn more.

Customer Success "Quick Start" Strategy Consulting

Are you feeling overwhelmed by customer churn and not sure where to start or how to get better, faster, easier results from your Customer Success efforts? We can help you get on the right path to success with our Customer Success Quick Start Strategy consulting package. We’ll show you exactly how to:

  • Avoid the big critical step that most SaaS companies miss that results in confusion, stress, frustration and failure
  • Create a winning Customer Success strategy and effective framework to achieve your customer success goals in minimum time
  • Develop an actionable Roadmap that your team can follow to get to the desired destination
  • Implement Tri Tuns Quick Start Strategy for identifying exactly what you need to do to move the needle quickly and achieve maximum results from your Customer Success efforts
  • Implement Tri Tuns proven methodologies that get your CS team on the path to success without wasting time or resources in the process
Customer Success Consulting

Customer Success Program & Playbook Development Consulting

Adopttec - Online Customer Success Training & Playbooks

Get Adopttec (Pre-Built) or Custom Playbooks

Are you experiencing customer churn and not sure how to develop an effective and profitable Customer Success Program?  We can help you break the cycle of customer churn with our Customer Success Program & Playbook Development consulting package. We’ll show you exactly how to:

  • Avoid the BIG expensive mistakes SaaS companies make that results in lot of wasted time, wide-spread customer churn, sunk costs that never get recovered and a huge loss in potential revenue
  • Structure your CS team for peak performance and maximum customer success results
  • Identify services your SaaS customers need and will happily pay for
  • Implement TriTuns Program Development Playbook that avoids false starts, delays, confusion, frustration, stress and surprises
  • Leverage TriTuns Time Saving Templates to get your Customer Success team up and running like a well-oiled machine while avoiding time consuming missteps and costly miscommunications

Customer Success Program Management Consulting


Are you struggling to manage all the pieces and parts of your Customer Success Program?  We can help you keep your Customer Success Program on track, on time and on budget with our Customer Success Program Management consulting package.

  • Identify the subtle signs of failure you can’t afford to miss or mismanage
  • How to manage a CS Program even if you’ve never done it before
  • How to get and keep your customers happy even if you don’t have the time, budget or resources to provide white glove services
  • Implement Tri Tuns Risk Mitigation Guide to manage the elements that can sabotage even the most well intentioned customer success plans
  • Implement Tri Tuns counter-intuitive formula that gets rapid adoption and customer success with your software
Customer Success Consulting

Customer Success Program Implementation Consulting

Client Story: Pilot Test of Customer Success Program

Are you not sure how to implement your CS program to be successful and keep your customers coming back for more? We can help you create and accelerate value, renewals, revenue and growth with our Customer Success Program Implementation consulting package. We’ll show you exactly how to:

  • Avoid the software implementation pitfalls that most organizations never see coming until it’s too late and costs them an enormous amount of valuable time and money to fix
  • Get people / teams across an enterprise to effectively move forward together even if they currently work in silos with competing priorities and agendas
  • Implement TriTuns Groundbreaking Implementation Processes for getting customers to adopt your software, gain value from it and renew their licenses with you instead of your competition
  • Implement TriTuns 10 Point Readiness Checklist for defining and delivering customer success services in a repeatable, scalable, efficient, cost effective and profitable way
  • Launch a powerful pilot and a profitable CS program that gets your software used and generating value, revenue and growth in record time

Customer Success Program Optimization Consulting

Are you feeling tired of working like crazy and getting average results from your Customer Success Program?  We can help you rise above the competition with our Customer Success Program Optimization consulting package. We’ll show you exactly how to:

  • Keep your customers even if they’re struggling with your user friendly software
  • Createnew sources of value for your customers that they will happily pay for
  • Make thevalue of your Customer Success Program visible and get the resources and executive buy-in you need when you need it
  • Implement TriTuns Top Secret Toolkit to get your SaaS Company ahead of the competition and watch your revenue soar
  • Implement TriTuns Exclusive Techniques that accelerate value for your customers and generates profit for you in record time
Customer Success Consulting

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Customer Success Rapid Rescue Consulting

Customer Success Consulting

Are you not sure how to get your CS Program back on track and generating renewals, revenue and growth? We can help you get back on track with our Customer Success Rapid Rescue consulting package. We’ll show you exactly how to:

  • Recover from a loss in potential revenue before it’s too late
  • Address the real reasons yourcustomers aren’t renewing their licenses with you
  • Identify the obscure triggers that are wreaking havoc on your revenue and growth potential
  • ImplementTri Tuns Rapid Rescue Tactics to save a Customer Success program that’s heading south fast or isn’t getting the results you expected to get and need to get
  • Implement TriTuns Recovery System to fix the problems you haven’t been able to solve even if you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked

Customer Success Exclusive Accelerator Sessions

Do you need some guidance on how to solve a specific customer success problem? Our Customer Success Accelerator Sessions are focused on a specific topic and are a private session between you and our experts in Profitable Customer Success & Accelerated Software Adoption.

Each session is two hours in length, limited to one or two people within your organization, and can be conducted virtually or in person in the DC area. We recommend bundling several accelerators for a low commitment and cost effective way to get the expert advice you need when you need it. Our top 5 Accelerators include:

  • The secret sauce of Customer Success that most organizations don’t know, which costs them a ton of money in lost revenue
  • The wrong way and the right way to manage change within your organization to drive profits and revenue
  • How to identify and remove even subtle barriers that are sabotaging your customer success and software adoption efforts
  • How to manage user resistance and effectively handle any complaint from a user
  • How to get ROI from your IT investments in record time

Accelerators: Micro Consulting Engagements for Customer Success

Customer Success Custom Consulting

Customer Success Consulting

Do you have a unique Customer Success problem(s)? Are you not sure what you should do or what type of help you need with your Customer Success efforts?  We can help you discover exactly what you need with our Customer Success Custom consulting package.  We’ll show you exactly how to:

  • Avoid wasting more valuable time and money on the wrong actions
  • Get the expertise you need to move the needle and get results in no time
  • How to get and keep your customers happy even if you don’t have the time, budget and resources to provide customers with white glove services
  • Implement TriTuns Discovery Dashboard to identify what’s really getting in the way of your customer success efforts and exactly what you should do about it
  • Determine the winning combination of TriTuns Customer Success Experts, Consulting Packages and Power Tools to meet your needs, goals, budget and timeline

Customer Success Outsourcing Package

Are you not getting the results you expected from your Customer Success Program? Do you have the time, resources and expertise needed to successfully drive effective use and adoption of your software with your customers? We can be your Customer Success team with our Profitable Customer Success Outsourcing Package.

  • Simply installing software does not deliver the business results you need if it isn’t being used effectively across the enterprise
  • Enterprises are developing Centers of Excellence or dedicated departments that are focused on accelerating and sustaining effective software adoption
  • It takes expertise, resources and effort to get users to adopt new technology and most companies waste a lot of time and money doing it wrong because it’s not one of their core functions and strengths
  • Avoid the cost and time needed to build out this capacity yourself and avoid the risks and delays by outsourcing your Customer Success Program to Tri Tuns
  • We have the experience and expertise, skills and staff, and powerful tools and processes to get your Customer Success program up and running like a well-oiled machine that generates effortless value for you in record time
Customer Success Consulting

Customer Success Partnering Package

Customer Success Consulting

Are You a Cloud / SaaS Vendor? Are your clients renewing their licenses with you or with your competitors? Are you struggling to help your clients overcome their barriers to using your software effectively and consistently and gaining value from it? We can help you with our Customer Success Partnering Package.

  • Simply implementing new software doesn’t mean clients will use it and continue paying for it
  • We are the glue that holds software vendors and software buyers together to get the results they both want and need
  • We partner and work in conjunction with software companies to provide accelerated adoption services for clients
  • We get people to use your software faster and more effectively, which translates into more value and ROI for your clients and higher retention and profits for you
  • Quite simply, our focus on people makes your focus on technology work both for you and your clients

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