Effective Customer Success

Your Customer Success (CS) program must deliver value to your customers to drive renewals and insure against churn. Tri Tuns has the products, expertise, and techniques you need to quickly make it happen.

Accelerating Change & Adoption

You've made the investment in new software, the problem is, it will only deliver value and a ROI if it is used. Thats where Tri Tuns comes in. Tri Tuns has over a decade of experience helping organizations accelerate change and software adoption.

For over a decade Tri Tuns has helped accelerate and sustain effective change and software adoption within organizations of all shapes and sizes. We work to bridge the gap between software vendors and software buyers so that both are successful.

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Adopttec By Tri Tuns

Introducing Adopttec by Tri Tuns, an innovative, cloud-based portal designed to streamline organizational change, accelerate software adoption, and enhance customer success efforts.

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Adopttec is the perfect solution for individuals, enterprise organizations, and SaaS vendors looking to significantly increase their capacity to drive change and software adoption without adding costly resources. Adopttec's interactive toolkits are designed as actionable resources that actually help move the needle towards user adoption and value realization.


With Adopttec, expert developed content, industry best practices, interactive videos, live instructor engagements, and so much more are right at your fingertips! Now, there's no need to develop your own content and methodology, Adopttec does it for you at a fraction of the cost to your organization.


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Customer Success Consulting & Training Services

Tri Tuns' customer success consulting services are perfect for software vendors hoping to enhance the effectiveness of their customer success programs. We are experts at helping to significantly reduce churn, increase renewals and pave the way for account expansions, profits and growth, year after year.


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Organizational Change & Software Adoption Consulting & Training Services

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Tri Tuns offers consulting and training services that bridge the gap between people, processes, and technology to drive measurable business value. Our methodology goes far beyond traditional change management to sustain high-levels of effective system use and achieve maximum ROI on your software investment every time.


Accelerators - Micro Consulting Engagements

Do you need some guidance on how to solve a specific customer success or software adoption problem? Do you need just a little expert advice, but not a full consulting engagement?  No problem. Tri Tuns' Accelerators are micro-consulting engagements that provide just the right amount of help you need when you need it!



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Tri Tuns offer a broad range of informative (and often entertaining) videos related to customer success and software adoption learning experiences. And, while we may think a few are Oscar worthy, we'll let you be the judge. See you on the Red Carpet!

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Our webinars focus on key elements of what it takes for you and your company to plan, build, manage, and lead results-oriented customer success, change and software adoption programs.

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