Building Profitable Customer Success

Your Customer Success (CS) program needs to deliver value to your customers while also ensuring your organization reduces churn and increases renewals. Tri Tuns has the expertise, tools, and techniques you need to quickly develop your strategy and successfully launch your CS program in an effective, scalable, repeatable and most importantly profitable way. We can also help you optimize an existing CS program to get better, faster, and easier results that make your revenue soar.

Accelerating Software Adoption

You invested in a new software platform. You only see value and a return on your investment if it is used effectively and consistently by your people. Thats where Tri Tuns comes in. Tri Tuns has the formulas, playbooks, and processes you need to accelerate user adoption of your software while avoiding the costly mistakes and time consuming delays that sabotage most software implementations and result in sunk costs that never get recovered.


An innovative, cloud-based, off-the-shelf solution for chronic software adoption problems that's a low cost / low touch add-on to your customer success and software adoption programs.

And it doesn't cost you time and resources to develop or deliver.

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Tri Tuns Consulting - The Customer Success Experts

Tri Tuns Consulting Provides Customer Success & Software Adoption Consulting and Training. We're Perfect for Both Buyers and Sellers of SaaS Software.

We are experts in building high-performance customer success operations for Saas vendors and accelerated software adoption programs for Corporate buyers of SaaS software. We've been delivering superior consulting and training services for SaaS buyers and sellers since 2006.

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Videos by Tri Tuns offer a broad range of informative (and often entertaining) customer success and software adoption learning experiences. And, while we may think a few are Oscar worthy, we'll let you be the judge. See you on the Red Carpet.

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Webinars by Tri Tuns focus on the key elements of what it takes for you and your company or SaaS provider to plan, build, manage, and lead high performance and profitable Customer Success and Software Adoption Programs.

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