Deliver extraordinary value to your customers

During this webinar, Tri Tuns' CEO, Jason Whitehead, in collaboration with Neil Marcus, a Director of the Insights Association, help you to bridge the gap between Customer Success best practices and the fields of research and data analytics.

Recognizing the importance of customer insights in driving competitive differentiation and innovation, companies are increasing their focus and investments in a wide variety of customer intelligence sources including market research, data analytics, and social media.  Despite having unprecedented access to data, many organizations struggle to convert insight into actions. As a result, they don’t achieve the business outcomes they need to truly see the value in their research and analytic investments.

This Webinar examines the challenges that researchers, data scientists, and analysts have in not just delivering ideas, but ensuring they are acted upon to deliver clear, meaningful value to organizations. It introduces you to some key practices from the rapidly expanding field of Customer Success, which has proven very effective in the software industry for helping clients get value from their IT investments.