On-Demand Training for Customer Success and Software User Adoption Professionals

Tri Tuns Academy provides instant access to online training courses for software user adoption and customer success management. These courses are perfect for individuals who are either new to the field or who are looking for more advanced knowledge. 

Click here if you are looking for in-person software adoption training or customer success training for your team.  Do want the complete fundamentals training, along with actionable playbooks that you can share with everyone across your organization?  If so, check out Adopttec for SaaS Vendors or Adopttec Enterprise - our complete online training and solution.

Reduce Churn

Learn More than Customer Success Automation

Lots of customer success teams are turning to automation tools to help them work with large number of customers in a scalable way. But what do you do when your customer has a complex problem that can't be addressed by automation?  You need the detailed knowledge, skills and methods of how to work with customers to make them successful. Our customer success training gives you what you need.

Software Adoption Planning

Advanced Customer Success Strategies and Methods

As you progress through each course, you increase your understanding of the complexities of Customer Success.  Our training prepares you to develop effective customer success strategies and shares the essential methods you need to excel.

Customer Success Training

Perfect For Customer Success Leaders and Practitioners

Our courses provide valuable insights for many audiences.  If you are responsible for establishing and leading a Customer Success team or if you are a hands-on Customer Success Manager working directly with your customers, the online training available on the Tri Tuns Academy will be of incredible value to you. 

Featured Courses

Enjoy these great courses now!  More courses are added on a regular basis, so please check back often.  For a listing of all courses, check out the Tri Tuns Academy course catalog.

User Adoption Fundamentals 1: Shift in Focus
This course provides participants an understanding for how IT project success is shifting from a cost focus (on-time, on-budget delivery) to value creation (ROI) focus.It will provide a context for understanding the organizational elements that affect user adoption (UA) and the implications for how to drive and sustain adoption of IT systems.


User Adoption Fundamentals 2: Traditional Change Management - Benefits & Deficiencies
This course examines traditional approaches to change management and identifies the strengths and limitations of these approaches for driving and sustaining user adoption.


User Adoption Fundamentals 3: Five (5) New Approaches to Accelerate User Adoption
This course introduces new concepts for driving, accelerating and sustaining user adoption to serve as the basis for identifying and structuring activities required for effective user adoption projects.


User Adoption Fundamentals 4: User Adoption Process Must Haves
This course examines high-level user adoption steps you should take to accelerate user adoption and benefits realization.


User Adoption Fundamentals 5: Effective IT Teams - Aligning for Success
This course identifies the different roles, goals, rewards, and performance expectations and team dynamics of various stakeholder groups on IT projects (vendors, IT department, users, etc.) that affect IT project implementations and user adoption.


User Adoption Fundamentals 6: Driving User Adoption Before Go-Live
This course examines how user adoption efforts can be conducted before the technology goes live. Participants learn strategies to change user behaviors early in projects, which better prepares end users to adopt the technology once it goes live.


User Adoption Fundamentals 7: Accelerating User Adoption at Go-Live
This course examines specific actions to accelerate user adoption during the critical first 6 – 12 months after the initial go-live.


User Adoption Fundamentals 8: Sustaining User Adoption After Go-Live
This course examines how long-term adoption activities are different than those conducted during the period immediately following the initial system deployment (go-live).