Come join us for our fast-paced, insightful, unplugged conversations with two leading "Jasons" in Customer Success. Jason Noble, a UK based visionary Customer Success executive and leader, and Jason Whitehead, a US based Customer Success and Software Adoption leader, discuss a variety of topics and issues of importance in the field of Customer Success. Each month we explore a new and important topic related to Customer Success, so be sure to join each webinar in the series!

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The Jasons Take On... What it Means to be Customer Centric on December 18, 2018 at 10:30am EST / 3:30pm GMT

This conversation will focus on what it means to be customer centric and why it is a challenge for businesses today. We will examine different perspectives on customer centricity, the business case for being highly customer centric, challenges organizations face becoming customer centric, and actions you can take to help your company transform into a highly functioning customer-centric organization.

The Jasons Take On... Aligning Sales & Customer Success on January 15, 2019 at 10:30am EST / 3:30pm GMT

Getting sales and customer success aligned so they collaborate effectively to ensure that customers are successful throughout the lifecycle is a major challenge for most organizations. This conversation focuses on why it is critical to get sales and customer success alignment, why you need to invest in and align both sales and customer success, clarifying sales and customer success roles, what you need to do to align these organizations, challenges you will encounter, and how to ensure you maintain proper alignment and collaboration year over year.

The Jasons Take On... Getting Customer Onboarding and Adoption Right on February 12, 2019 at 10:30am EST / 3:30pm GMT

We all know that proper onboarding and effective adoption is critical for minimizing time to first value, getting quick wins, building positive client relationships, and setting yourself up to have long-term customer relationships. In this conversation we look at how to design, build and deliver a fantastic customer onboarding program that will set you and your customers up for long-term success.

Meet the Presenters

Jason Whitehead

Jason Whitehead is the CEO of Tri Tuns, a Customer Success and Software Adoption training and consulting company. He helps organizations develop the practices and capabilities that ensure people actually adopt systems to achieve clear and measurable business value to the organization. 

Jason Noble

Jason Noble Jason Noble, a UK based visionary Customer Success executive and leader. He builds high-performing  Customer Success teams and provides a variety of Customer Success mentoring, coaching and consulting services.

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