Giant Puxzle Pieces

The Very First Question a Customer Success Team Needs to Ask

If you are like many customer success managers, you are probably extremely focused on the question, “Will our customers be successful with OUR software”.  You and your team probably ask yourselves what you, as a customer success professional, need to do to ensure the customer is successful using your product. But there is a more[…]

Successful Software Adoption

1 Most organizations are surprised by how difficult it is to get people to adopt new technology. The biggest mistake many organizations make is believing that people will have no choice but to adopt a new IT system because it will be mandatory. Sound familiar? Mandating system use is a common approach that is guaranteed[…]

SaaS Customers Key to Success

The 4+1 Keys to Successful Software Adoption Planning & Execution

For SaaS vendors and SaaS customers……. People are confronted by questions all the time, some as simple as “what came first, the chicken or the egg?”, and others not so simple like “who owns software adoption?”. All sarcasm aside, these two questions are related as they both apply to the world of customer success and[…]

What a 2 year old can teach you about software adoption

What a 2 year old can teach you about software adoption We can learn a lot from young kids, if we just pay attention.  Here is an example that can help you increase adoption of your software and performance over year team.   Action See if you can relate to this one.  This morning we[…]

ARC of Software Adoption Learning Curve

The critical ARC of your Software Learning Curve

The critical ARC of your software learning curve While working on a client Software Adoption Rescue project, the client executive shared that they had always known their users would need to navigate up a steep learning curve before they fully adopted the software. Yet, despite this expectation and their best efforts to provide the communications,[…]

User Adoption and the 20 Year Renewal

User Adoption & The 20-Year SaaS Renewal

Who wouldn’t like to secure 20 years’ worth of renewals with each of their customers? Well, this is doable and, in fact, if you sell on a subscription basis, this should be your goal from the very beginning. But how do you get there? Ask yourself, “How would I need to approach and manage a[…]

5 Adoption Techniques

Unconventional Wisdom: 5 Steps for Developing a Powerful Adoption Playbook

It is time to rethink some major assumptions and turn conventional wisdom on its head when it comes to how buyers and sellers of software approach user adoption. For many years, user adoption was, at best, an after-thought once a system was live.  At worst, it was ignored completely.  IT departments and executive sponsors were[…]

Becoming the Expert in Software Adoption

Karen Russell’s insightful article sums up a lot of the problems we often see with our Saas or Enterprise clients as they transition from making software dreams a reality. As more companies are realizing that concerted efforts on customer success will yield better adoption and better business outcomes, these mistakes can interfere with realizing the[…]