Have you heard any of these inaccurate assumptions about software adoption in your organization?

  • "People will have no choice, but to use the technology. It's mandatory."

  • "We just need to do some change management at go live, and everything will be fine."

  • "IT systems are considered a success when we go live on time and within budget."

  • "People aren't using the system. We need to do more training and sell the benefits to users."

  • "If the software had more features and functionality, then people would use it."

  • "There's user resistance that we just can't change."

Software Adoption and collaboration

If two or more of these statements sound familiar to you, then you're probably not getting the adoption levels you need to experience clear measurable business value from your technology. Believe it or not, there is a right way and MANY wrong ways to approach adoption of IT systems. Check out our software adoption services that get you and keep you on the path to success with technology.

Our Services

The Software User Adoption Training and Consulting You Need

Software Adoption Consulting

Maximize Your Software Success and Business Outcomes

Our software user adoption consulting packages are flexible and designed to give you the help you need to drive change, accelerate end-user adoption and business outcomes. Examples of consulting work we do for our clients include:

  • Conduct an expert objective analysis of your adoption issues

  • Build internal software success programs to accelerate and sustain user adoption & benefits realization

  • Develop or optimize your SA strategy and action plans

  • Develop or optimize your SA playbooks and processes

  • Facilitate Executive / Stakeholder buy-in sessions

  • Conduct individual and/or team coaching sessions

  • Provide customer-facing programs

  • Increase user adoption of existing systems (rescue ROI)

Online and Virtual Software Adoption Training

Self-Study or Instructor-Led Remote Training

Fast, focused, and affordable software user adoption training course with 50+ proven strategies, tactics, processes, and techniques that work to drive, accelerate and sustain adoption and value from your IT systems and software investments.

  • Interactive Online training

  • Available 24 x7 via Adopttec, our online training portal

  • For individual self-study training programs

  • Blended online and virtual, live, instructor-led training (ILT) program for teams

  • SCORM compliant – You host for use with internal training programs

ONLINE: (Self-direct, self-paced)

Our online training is a great option for individuals or teams who want to learn on their own with the flexibility to fit learning into their schedules. Our SCORM compliant self-study training can be hosted in your internal LMS and incorporated into your internal training programs.

VIRTUAL: (Live, instructor-led, remote)

Live, instructor-led virtual training gives you flexible training to a remote or distributed team. Training occurs over multiple sessions to support maximum retention while performing your daily job responsibilities. Virtual training may be 100% instructor led or a hybrid option that includes live training, online training, and offline exercises to meet your needs.

In-Person Software Adoption Training

Highly Interactive Training For Your Team at Your Site

Our in-person training software adoption training courses are fun, intense, highly interactive and experiential to enable advanced learning and professional growth.

Give your customers, leaders and IT Implementation team(s) a boost in knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence in leading change and adoption with a Software Adoption In-person Training program:

  • At your location

  • 2-5 day options

  • Expert-led

  • Small or large group

  • Off-the-shelf or custom content

  • Interactive group exercises and discussions

Core Software Adoption Training Courses

The Content You Need to Learn and Grow

All of our software user adoption training programs incorporate the use of our foundational core curriculum. This content provides all of the baseline learning that you need to master to grow to deliver impactful software adoption programs that deliver success.

In 10 comprehensive modules and 20+ easy to absorb lessons in 15 minutes or less, you will learn how to:

  •  Develop an adoption framework, strategy, roadmap and plan

  • Identify and resolve real and perceived barriers to adoption

  • Align IT implementation / deployment teams for success

  • Create an effective adoption network of support and buy-in

  • Engage and support stakeholders and end users before, during and after Go Live


While our core software adoption training content is excellent for meeting the needs of most organizations, we recognize that some people have unique needs or need additional detailed training. Tri Tuns can  develop custom content specific to the needs of your team, organization or industry.

This module provides participants an understanding for how IT project success is shifting from a cost focus (on-time, on-budget delivery) to value creation (ROI) focus.It will provide a context for understanding the organizational elements that affect user adoption (UA) and the implications for how to drive and sustain adoption of IT systems.

This module examines traditional approaches to change management and identifies the strengths and limitations of these approaches for driving and sustaining user adoption.

This module introduces new concepts for driving, accelerating and sustaining user adoption to serve as the basis for identifying and structuring activities required for effective user adoption projects.

This module introduces new concepts for driving, accelerating and sustaining user adoption to serve as the basis for identifying and structuring activities required for effective user adoption projects.

This module identifies the different roles, goals, rewards, and performance expectations and team dynamics of various stakeholder groups on IT projects (vendors, IT department, users, etc.) that affect IT project implementations and user adoption.

This module examines how user adoption efforts can be conducted before the technology goes live. Participants learn strategies to change user behaviors early in projects, which better prepares end users to adopt the technology once it goes live.

This module examines specific actions to accelerate user adoption during the critical first 6 – 12 months after the initial go-live.

This module examines how long-term adoption activities are different than those conducted during the period immediately following the initial system deployment (go-live).

This module examines where and when your stakeholders get value from software. It identifies how to align the sources of value and reviews the impact that different levels of usage and diffusion have on the amount of value that is created.

This module identifies the goal for stakeholder interactions and how to structure and engage your stakeholders to achieve the outcome you want. Effective engagement techniques are presented.

Software Adoption Fast Track Workshops

Expert-led, Facilitated, Small-Group, Problem-Solving Session

Our Fast Track Workshops are cleverly designed to accelerate development of the skills, tactics, tools, processes and action plans needed to accelerate, maximize and sustain effective software user adoption in your organization.

Get expert insights and solutions to your specific IT implementation processes and adoption challenges during a private Fast Track Software Adoption Workshop:

  • Focused on your specific needs, challenges and use cases

  • At your location

  • 1 or 2 day options

  • Expert-led

  • Small group

  • Highly interactive group exercises and discussion

Free! Software Buyer’s Guide to Evaluating SaaS Vendor’s Customer Success Services

Here are the top 35 questions you need to ask each prospective vendor to determine if they provide the customer success services you need!

When selecting a software vendor, just having a great product is not enough. The customer success services your SaaS vendor provides can make the difference between your success or failure.

You need to carefully evaluate the customer success capabilities of each vendor. This guide gives you the questions you need to ask to determine which vendor can deliver the business outcomes (not just the software) you need!

Most systems fail to achieve success because they have the wrong approach to driving software adoption and business outcomes.

Tri Tuns Helps You Do it Right!

Don't let your system be a failure! ...Find out how to achieve software success!

We know what works and what doesn't to drive adoption of technology and achieve desired business outcomes. We'll save you a lot of time, effort and money that comes with the mistakes from trying to figure it out on your own.

We have the knowledge and experience that most organizations don't have available in-house. Let us help you get the results you want faster, cheaper, and without the mistakes, headaches and stress that comes with trying to figure it on your own.

What Others Have Said About Our Software User Adoption Services!

"During our training, Tri Tuns helped us see the gaps in our IT implementation processes and taught us how we could apply adoption best practices in our unique environment to get better results."

"The adoption training Tri Tuns provided us was terrific." It really helped us look at how to evolve and move forward in our environment."

"We now know the root causes of our adoption issues and where to focus our limited resources based on Tri Tuns' expert analysis."

"There's a lot of great content in the training courses and the conversational dialogue and examples in the live expert-led training sessions were so helpful!"

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