Highlighting Actionable Strategies to Dramatically Accelerate Adoption for Both Customer Success Teams and Enterprise Organizations

 April 23, 2018 - Boston, MA

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Tri Tuns' CEO, Jason Whitehead, will present twice at Customer SuccessCon East 2018 in Boston, MA on April 23, 2018 to share action-oriented ideas and solutions to common Customer Success (CS) challenges based on his 20+ years in the field.
From 9:00 - 12:00 EST, there will be a fast and focused three-hour training session on CS during which Jason will share key tactics and best practices that shorten the learning curve and avoid the pitfalls that many new CS teams make while developing their practice. Session topics include:
The mission of CS: Role, responsibilities, functions and realistic expectations for CS in your organization
What it takes to be a great CS practitioner: Skills and competencies that pave the way for customer success
How to achieve impactful customer engagement: Techniques, tactics and best practices that move the needle and get your customers to recognize your incredible value
From 2:00 - 2:45EST, Jason will present "3 Tactics for Quickly Increasing Customer Adoption". During this session, Jason will share actionable tactics and best practices on how to cut through the noise and deliver fast results for your organization and an exciting career for your staff.  Session topics include:
What your organization is capable of doing: How to identify and set expectations of what's possible and by when across your organization
What your CS Team is capable of doing: How to make consultants out of your CS team members because the soft stuff is the hard stuff
What your clients are capable of doing: How to lead your customers to success and not failure with your product.

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 April 10, 2018 - London, England 

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Jason Whitehead, Chief Executive Officer, Tri Tuns and Shannon Hyson, Global Head of Customer Success for the Financial Times are co-presenting Navigating Internal Challenges Introducing Customer Success in your Organization at Customer Success Europe Unplugged in London on Tuesday April 10, 2018.
Navigating Internal Challenges Introducing Customer Success in your Organization  This session will focus on some of the challenges and complexities with navigating internal changes and stakeholders within your organization as you launch and mature your Customer Success team. It will touch on: -The challenges of defining and agreeing roles and responsibilities of the CS team -Managing client hand-offs with sales (especially when they don’t give you the contacts you need at the client organization) - How to work with other departments around technical issues, training issues, and unhappy customers at the time of renewal We will share some real-world examples of specific issues organizations face and some approaches for handling these challenges.

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Lessons Learned - A 2017 Customer Success & Software Adoption Year In Review

2017 was a very exciting year for both SaaS vendors and SaaS customers as our industry grew and changed at a rapid rate. Join Tri Tuns' leadership for an informal end of year discussion on key lessons learned on customer success and software adoption practices during 2017. We take a look at what has changed and what will likely become the new normal for 2018. We discuss these lessons learned and others in this conversational and interactive webinar.

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The 4+1 Keys to Successful Software Adoption Planning & Execution

SaaS Vendors are only successful if the software they sell is efficiently and effectively adopted by their SaaS Customers. Therefore, it is  very important that the SaaS Vendor and the SaaS customer be fully aligned when it comes to "Adoption Planning". The 4+1 Keys are Tri Tuns 5 key facts that need to be present in each software planning and execution project. While no two adoption plans are the same and no two companies are exactly alike, the 4+1 Keys set forth those foundations that your next adoption plan can be built on.

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How Your Customer Success Team can Dramatically Accelerate Adoption by your Low-Touch Customers

Does your organization lack the resources and capacity you need to get and keep your low touch customers happy with your product? This is a common problem among SaaS vendors trying to juggle a million different priorities while trying to drive adoption of their products and reduce customer churn.  Learn how you can deliver a more effective, scalable 1-to-many customer success service that accelerates adoption for your low-touch customers.

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Getting C-Suite Support for Customer Success
As the entire marketplace rushes toward embracing Customer Success as the future of client / vendor relationships, where does your C-Suite stand? Getting the proper support from the Executive ranks is critical to Customer Success working across your organization and with your customers. Tune in while we discuss some of the key things your C-Suite needs to know about embracing Customer Success.

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Customer Success as a Profit Center - Building and Operating a Profitable Customer Success Organization
Quite often, initial Customer Success Management efforts have focused on increasing knowledge of potential value, but left the actions to attain that up to the customers. Running a profitable Customer Success operation requires that you deliver actionable services to fill the value gap, by taking fully proactive measures to insure your customers know and see the value created.

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The Top Ten Pitfalls in Change Management and Software Adoption Planning
One of the most critical aspects of any change management and software adoption project is avoiding common mistakes that can set your efforts back and knock your new IT project off track. We call out the top ten pitfalls you can avoid to deliver value, success and measurable business outcomes. You'll learn how with less time, less stress and less risk

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The Key to Customer Success Begins With User Adoption

Customer Success has to begin with software user adoption. When you get right down to it, its what customer success is all about. SaaS vendors can only renew what their customers adopt, so the faster customers adopt new software, the faster they see value, ROI and business benefit. Customers launching new SaaS platforms need a comprehensive adoption plan before go-live.

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Isn’t it Time Your Customer Service Became Customer Success?
Thanks to all those that attended our first Webinar of 2017 with Amity to ask “2017 – Isn’t it time your Customer Service became Customer Success?” With so many firms looking to reach, retain and renew customers, its one of the hottest topics all year. Stay tuned for the Replay of this impactful webinar and get your Customer Success started for 2017.

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4 Counter-Intuitive Change Management Secrets
Stop wasting valuable resources on traditional change management processes that don't work with IT implementations. Find out how to realize measurable business outcomes, outcomes that you were unable to achieve with the old system, by avoiding the top four pitfalls of change management. In this webinar we will show you the key concepts that either make, or break, any IT investments.

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Getting Your Team Up and Running on the Path to Success in No Time
Even the most well intentioned plans and hard work can backfire if you don't have the right strategy for getting and keeping your team on the path to success. We'll share with you a simple, yet dramatically effective formula for driving the desired actions you need from your team to achieve peak performance and maximum results.

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Customer Success Managers as Software Adoption Coaches Means Faster Onboarding and Lower Churn

One of the most critical functions that Customer Success Managers (CSMs) need to perform is proactively driving user adoption within your customers’ organizations. But how do you do this rapidly, effectively and at scale? The answer is you develop and empower your CSMs to be Adoption Coaches. During this webinar, we will share with you how to develop your Customer Success Managers into confident, effective Adoption Coaches. We'll also highlight how to provide effective, scalable Adoption Coaching to all of your customers (low, medium, and high-touch) to deliver value and reduce churn.

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Achieving IT & Customer Success

What is success for your IT investment? Tri Tuns CEO, Jason Whitehead, discusses how instead of focusing on the initial go-live, you need to focus on long-term success.

Change Management & Software Adoption

Tri Tuns CEO, Jason Whitehead, explains why traditional change management programs are not effective and why you need a more robust software adoption program to achieve success.

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Implementing Technology is Easy, Getting People to Work with it is Hard!
Typically, IT implementations and traditional change management programs follow a simple formula: go-live and go home. However, the root causes delimiting your desired level of success cannot be solved with traditional change management approach and users don’t go home after go-live. This presentation will introduce the key concept that people, not technology, are what make, or break, any IT investment, and how to realize business results by driving accelerated software adoption.
Customer Success Without Software Adoption is Just Another Buzzword
If you asked 100 people what customer success means you would likely get 100 different answers. Though there are a lot of industry buzzwords floating around as to what customer success is, most of them miss the point entirely. The most basic, yet overlooked principle to driving success with an IT solution is: are people using it? In this presentation you will be introduced to the idea that driving measurable business value from your IT solution through sustained software adoption is the key to customer success.
The 5 Pillars of Effective Customer Success Management
Have you been tasked with building out a customer success capability but are unsure where to start or what is involved? Or, do you have an already established customer success program that is not quite delivering the desired results. Then join Tri Tuns for a special event where we share the five pillars of customer success that will serve to bolster the effectiveness of your CS efforts and deliver a win/win for both your organization and your customers.

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