Webinar & Podcast Series: "The Jasons Take On..."

Join this unplugged conversation with the two leading Jasons in Customer Success

Come join us for our fast-paced, insightful, unplugged conversations with the two leading Jasons in customer success. Jason Noble, a UK based visionary customer success executive and leader, and Jason Whitehead, a US based customer success and software adoption leader, discuss a variety of topics and issues of importance in the field of customer success.

Each month we explore a new topic related to customer success, so be sure to join each webinar in the series!  Learn more to see upcoming topics, register for a future webinar, and watch the replays.


Sharing proven strategies and tactics that dramatically accelerate adoption and value creation for SaaS buyers and providers

Join us at Customer Success Con 2019: The Profitability Blueprint

Boston, MA on April 8, 2019

Come join Tri Tuns CEO, Jason Whitehead, at the Customer Success Con 2019 conference in Boston, MA on April 8, 2019. 

The conference theme for this year is "The Profitability Blueprint" and all sessions are focused on helping organizations enhance their financial success through the delivery of profitable customer success services. Don't miss Jason's session:

Best Practices: Executive Support for Building a Profitable Customer Success Practice".  

Getting and maintaining full executive support is essential for ensuring the future of your customer success program.  Making sure your executive team understands the positive impact your CS team has on profitability is critical. The challenge is many executives don’t fully buy-in to this and are unwilling to commit the resources you need to be successful.

This session examines the actions you can take to get your executive team to commit to building out a highly-effective and profitable Customer Success service in your organization. It examines key challenges and misconceptions you need to help your executives overcome to get and maintain their support for operating your customer success team in a revenue generating capacity .  Specific tactics and actions you can take to get the executive team to commit the time, budget, resources and internal alignment you need will be presented.


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Free! Software Buyer’s Guide to Evaluating SaaS Vendor’s Customer Success Services

Here are the top 35 questions you need to ask each prospective vendor to determine if they provide the customer success services you need!

When selecting a software vendor, just having a great product is not enough. The customer success services your SaaS vendor provides can make the difference between your success or failure.

You need to carefully evaluate the customer success capabilities of each vendor. This guide gives you the questions you need to ask to determine which vendor can deliver the business outcomes (not just the software) you need!

Tri Tuns' Webinars

In case you missed one of our webinars, it's not too late to watch a replay

Déjà vu? - Is CSM Going the Same Way as CRM?

Whilst customer success was named by LinkedIn in 2018 as being one of the top 10 most demanded jobs (with a +91% yearly growth), this webinar examines the sentiment of “déjà vu” with the similar surge of CRM which started almost 30 years ago.

What are the comparisons, differences, promises, misconceptions and evolutions between Customer Success Management and Customer Relationship Management? What is the correlation or non-correlation between the two? What are the lessons learnt from CRM which can be applied to customer success?

This fireside chat between two ex-veterans of CRM, now transitioned into customer success, explores the above questions and cast some light onto the comparison of these 2 pillars of customer knowledge and business generation.

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The Jasons Take On...Aligning Sales and Customer Success

This unplugged conversation with the two leading Jasons in customer success, Jason Whitehead (USA) and Jason Noble (UK), focuses on global customer success leadership.

We all know that proper onboarding and effective adoption is critical for minimizing time to first value, getting quick wins, building positive client relationships, and setting yourself up to have long-term customer relationships. In this conversation we look at how to design, build and deliver a fantastic customer onboarding program that will set you and your customers up for long-term success.


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The Jasons Take On...What it Means to be Customer Centric

This unplugged conversation with the two leading Jasons in customer success, Jason Whitehead (USA) and Jason Noble (UK), focuses on global customer success leadership.

This conversation focuses on what it means to be customer centric and why it is a challenge for businesses today. We will examine different perspectives on customer centricity, the business case for being highly customer centric, challenges organizations face becoming customer centric, and actions you can take to help your company transform into a highly functioning customer centric organization.

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The Jasons Take On... Customer Success Leadership

This unplugged conversation with the two leading Jasons in customer success, Jason Whitehead (USA) and Jason Noble (UK), focuses on global customer success leadership. We examine a variety of challenges that customer success leaders need to address. We also examine the qualities it takes to be an amazing leader of customer success and how you can grow customer success leadership talent.

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Will your Customer Success Department survive? How to get the executive buy-in you need to make Customer Success thrive in your organization.

Are you responsible for building a thriving and effective Customer Success (CS) practice? Your fate is anything but certain. Everyday there are new examples of CS teams that have been culled from their organizations. You have limited time and resources to prove that your CS team can deliver the value your company needs in order to keep investing in it.

In this webinar, we discuss the challenges CS teams face getting executive buy-in and support from across their internal organization. We provide clear, actionable recommendations for how to increase executive support, get the resources you need, and embed the CS team into the heart of your organization where it belongs.

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Bridging the Gap Between Pre and Post Sales to Increase Success

Bridging the gap between pre and post-sales is one of the hardest challenges for organizations today. The proliferation of tools, siloed teams, and growing demands of your prospects and customers make it incredibly difficult to align sales, customer success, and business operations.

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How to build an effective relationship with your client

One of the most important aspects in being a successful Customer Success Manger (CSM) is building and maintaining a relationship with the client. How do you build and maintain a relationship that is authentic, and sets you up as a trusted advisor? How can you develop your own personal “relationship brand” so that you’re the person the client wants leading the account? Despite having the best solution for the client, many CSMs struggle to build an effective relationship with different people within the client organization, which may cause the client to eventually churn.

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How to Help Your Customers Adopt Your Software

Check out Tri Tuns' webinar on "How to help your customers adopt your software" during which Jason whitehead, CEO of Tri Tuns, will share what Customer Success teams should be doing to help their customers generate clear, sustainable business value from your software so they renew and expand their account with you and not your competitors.


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Turning Insights into Business Outcomes: Customer Success Management best practices for creating client value from data, analytics, and research

Tri Tuns' CEO, Jason Whitehead, in collaboration with Neil Marcus, a Director of the Insights Association, will help you bridge the gap between Customer Success best practices and the fields of research and data analytics.


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3-Step Process for Accelerating Software Adoption & Customer Success

Tri Tuns' Customer Success experts Jason Whitehead and Jen MacLean-Rogan will guide you through a 3-step process for ensuring your customers achieve their desired business outcomes from use of your product's features and functionality. We'll also discuss approaches many Customer Success teams are currently using that are actually working against their renewal and account expansion goals.

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The big "ahas" from the recent Customer Success Conferences held in London and Boston

Join Tri Tuns' CEO Jason Whitehead, a presenter and CS industry leader for the webinar "The big "ahas" from recent Customer Success conferences held in London and Boston". If you weren't able to attend the conferences in April, Jason will share the insights, big "ahas" and lessons learned! Don't miss the chance of learning CS cutting-edge methodologies and approaches!

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Lessons Learned - A 2017 Customer Success & Software Adoption Year In Review

2017 was a very exciting year for both SaaS vendors and SaaS customers as our industry grew and changed at a rapid rate. Join Tri Tuns' leadership for an informal end of year discussion on key lessons learned on customer success and software adoption practices during 2017. We take a look at what has changed and what will likely become the new normal for 2018. We discuss these lessons learned and others in this conversational and interactive webinar.

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The 4+1 Keys to Successful Software Adoption Planning & Execution

SaaS Vendors are only successful if the software they sell is efficiently and effectively adopted by their SaaS Customers. Therefore, it is  very important that the SaaS Vendor and the SaaS customer be fully aligned when it comes to "Adoption Planning". The 4+1 Keys are Tri Tuns 5 key facts that need to be present in each software planning and execution project. While no two adoption plans are the same and no two companies are exactly alike, the 4+1 Keys set forth those foundations that your next adoption plan can be built on.

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How Your Customer Success Team can Dramatically Accelerate Adoption by your Low-Touch Customers

Does your organization lack the resources and capacity you need to get and keep your low touch customers happy with your product? This is a common problem among SaaS vendors trying to juggle a million different priorities while trying to drive adoption of their products and reduce customer churn.  Learn how you can deliver a more effective, scalable 1-to-many customer success service that accelerates adoption for your low-touch customers.

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Getting C-Suite Support for Customer Success

As the entire marketplace rushes toward embracing Customer Success as the future of client / vendor relationships, where does your C-Suite stand? Getting the proper support from the Executive ranks is critical to Customer Success working across your organization and with your customers. Tune in while we discuss some of the key things your C-Suite needs to know about embracing Customer Success.

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Customer Success as a Profit Center - Building and Operating a Profitable Customer Success Organization

Quite often, initial Customer Success Management efforts have focused on increasing knowledge of potential value, but left the actions to attain that up to the customers. Running a profitable Customer Success operation requires that you deliver actionable services to fill the value gap, by taking fully proactive measures to insure your customers know and see the value created.

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The Top Ten Pitfalls in Change Management and Software Adoption Planning

One of the most critical aspects of any change management and software adoption project is avoiding common mistakes that can set your efforts back and knock your new IT project off track. We call out the top ten pitfalls you can avoid to deliver value, success and measurable business outcomes. You'll learn how with less time, less stress and less risk.

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The Key to Customer Success Begins With User Adoption

Customer Success has to begin with software user adoption. When you get right down to it, its what customer success is all about. SaaS vendors can only renew what their customers adopt, so the faster customers adopt new software, the faster they see value, ROI and business benefit. Customers launching new SaaS platforms need a comprehensive adoption plan before go-live.

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Isn’t it Time Your Customer Service Became Customer Success?

Thanks to all those that attended our first Webinar of 2017 with Amity to ask “2017 – Isn’t it time your Customer Service became Customer Success?” With so many firms looking to reach, retain and renew customers, its one of the hottest topics all year. Stay tuned for the Replay of this impactful webinar and get your Customer Success started for 2017.

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4 Counter-Intuitive Change Management Secrets

Stop wasting valuable resources on traditional change management processes that don't work with IT implementations. Find out how to realize measurable business outcomes, outcomes that you were unable to achieve with the old system, by avoiding the top four pitfalls of change management. In this webinar we will show you the key concepts that either make, or break, any IT investments.

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Getting Your Team Up and Running on the Path to Success in No Time

Even the most well intentioned plans and hard work can backfire if you don't have the right strategy for getting and keeping your team on the path to success. We'll share with you a simple, yet dramatically effective formula for driving the desired actions you need from your team to achieve peak performance and maximum results.

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Customer Success Managers as Software Adoption Coaches Means Faster Onboarding and Lower Churn

One of the most critical functions that Customer Success Managers (CSMs) need to perform is proactively driving user adoption within your customers’ organizations. But how do you do this rapidly, effectively and at scale? The answer is you develop and empower your CSMs to be Adoption Coaches. During this webinar, we will share with you how to develop your Customer Success Managers into confident, effective Adoption Coaches. We'll also highlight how to provide effective, scalable Adoption Coaching to all of your customers (low, medium, and high-touch) to deliver value and reduce churn.

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Implementing technology is easy. Getting People to work with it is hard!

Typically, IT implementations and traditional change management programs follow a simple formula: go-live and go home. However, the root causes limiting your desired level of success cannot be solved with traditional change management approaches and users don’t go home after go-live. This presentation will expand on the key concept that people, not technology, make or break any IT investment and how to drive accelerated software adoption with your people to achieve real business value from your technology investments.

Customer Success without Software Adoption is just another buzzword

If you asked 100 people what Customer Success (CS) means you would likely get 100 different answers. There are a lot of industry buzzwords floating around as to what CS is, but most of them miss the point entirely. The most basic, yet overlooked principle, to driving success with an IT solution is...are people using it. In this presentation, you will be introduced to the idea that driving measurable business value from your IT solution through sustained Software Adoption is the key to CS.

The 5 pillars of effective Customer Success Management

Have you been tasked with building out a Customer Success (CS) capability, but aren't sure where to start or what is involved? Or, do you have an already established CS program that is not quite delivering the desired results. Then join Tri Tuns for a special event where we share the five pillars of CS that will boost the effectiveness of your CS efforts and deliver a win / win for both your organization and your customers.

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