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2017 was a great year for growing and changing customer success and software adoption delivery.

What we learned will make 2018 even more exciting.

SaaS Vendors and SaaS customers are on a journey that is evolving at an ever faster rate, and that presents both real opportunities and real challenges. One of the biggest lessons learned in 2017 is about delivering value, value that can be actually seen and acknowledged by the customer. While it sounds straightforward, there is no single way to do it, so customer success teams and their customers will need to work together all the more closely in 2018.

SaaS customers also began to increase internal focus on their own organizations, and look at their capacity and practices for managing the changes new software investments create across their enterprises. 2018 promises to be an even bigger year for change in the SaaS space, and Tri Tuns will be there to assist SaaS vendors and SaaS buyers alike build the skills and value creation both sides require.


Watch the replay of our 2017 lessons learned webinar to find out more!