Do You Face Any of These Customer Success Challenges?

  • Slow customer onboarding & delayed time to first value

  • Blindsided by customer churn

  • Missed opportunities for upsells and account expansions

  • Customer success (CS) team is reactive, lacks confidence, and not delivering the level of service you require

  • Customers struggling with product adoption & value not recognized by your customers

  • Your customer success team lacks the skills, expertise, or capacity to mature and scale your customer success program

Any one of these issues can lead to reactive survival mode and frustrating customer churn. Tri Tuns' customer success training and consulting services solve these complex problems and many more to help you secure renewals, referrals and recurring revenue from loyal customers. You will see great results!

Our Services

The Customer Success Training and Consulting You Need

Custom Consulting Engagements

Get help overcoming common capacity and capability challenges with our flexible consulting packages

Customer Success Mastermind

Comprehensive, subscription-based training, coaching and support program to accelerate career growth

Online & Virtual Training

Boost your CS knowledge and confidence where and when it's convenient for you and/or your CS team

In-Person Training Programs

Experience 2-5 days of remarkable expert-led custom and/or off-the-shelf CS training at your location

Experiential Fast Track Workshops

Get 1-2 days of expert-led targeted solutions to your specific CS needs and use cases at your location

Customer Success Consulting

We Accelerate Your Growth

We offer a range of consulting services to help you grow, mature and scale your customer success program. Typical consulting projects include:

  • Develop your CS strategy and action plans

  • High, medium and low-touch success service level planning

  • Build and optimize your CS playbooks and processes

  • Accelerate organizational alignment between customer success, sales, marketing, product development and other internal departments

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Develop health scores and metrics

  • Customer segmentation

  • Customer success pilot programs

  • Interim head of customer success

  • Custom consulting projects

If you are just launching your customer success program or if you have an existing service that you want to optimize and mature, we can help! Our customer success consulting packages are flexible and designed to quickly grow fast, effective, scalable and profitable customer success programs in your organization.

Customer Success Mastermind

Ongoing Subscription-Based Training, Coaching and Professional Development For Individuals or Teams

More than just a training class! Customer Success Mastermind is a blended learning & development program:

  • Online training and live, instructor-led sessions

  • Ongoing coaching and support to help you apply hands-on what you learn

  • Access to the latest training materials and  resources to keep you up to date on the latest CS thinking and best practices.

  • Perfect for individuals or teams

Customer Success Mastermind is an exciting ongoing global customer success training, coaching and professional development program for customer success professionals and leaders.

Many customer success training programs only provide for short-term learning. Without ongoing learning and reinforcement, people quickly revert back to hold habits and behaviors. Our Professional Growth Program provides the ongoing training, coaching, reinforcement and support you need to keep moving forward!

Online and Virtual Customer Success Training

Self-Study or Instructor-Led Remote Training

A modern, fast, focused, interactive and affordable Customer Success (CS) online training course with 75+ proven strategies, tactics, processes, and techniques

  • Interactive Online training

  • Available 24 x7 via Adopttec, our online training portal

  • For individual self-study training programs

  • Blended online and virtual, live, instructor-led training (ILT) program for teams

  • SCORM compliant – You host for use with internal training programs

ONLINE: (Self-direct, self-paced)

Our online training is a great option for individuals or teams who want to learn on their own with the flexibility to fit learning into their schedules. Our SCORM compliant self-study training can be hosted in your internal LMS and incorporated into your internal training programs.

VIRTUAL: (Live, instructor-led, remote)

Live, instructor-led virtual training gives you flexible training to a remote or distributed team. Training occurs over multiple sessions to support maximum retention while performing your daily job responsibilities. Virtual training may be 100% instructor led or a hybrid option that includes live training, online training, and offline exercises to meet your needs.

In-Person Customer Success Training

Highly Interactive Training For Your Team at Your Site

Our in-person training courses are fun, intense, highly interactive and experiential to enable advanced learning and professional growth.

  • Expert-led, highly experiential, exercise-based learning programs

  • 1 – 5 day training options, delivered at your location

  • Off-the-shelf or custom content

  • Can be combined with online training program to provide a comprehensive, blended program

  • Interactive group exercises and discussions

Your team will spend a lot of time out of their seats, working together to solve problems and practice new ways of working. In-person training is a great way to quickly get your entire team up to speed at the same time. You get a live instructor with lots of examples and hands-on experience that makes the content come alive. Training is provided on-site at your location.

Core Customer Success Training Courses

The Content You Need to Learn and Grow

All of our customer success training programs incorporate the use of our foundational core curriculum. This content provides all of the baseline learning that customer success professionals need to master to grow their effectiveness and advance their careers.

In 10 comprehensive modules and 20+ easy to absorb lessons in 15 minutes or less, you will learn how to:

  • Be a successful Customer Success Manager using key strategies to deliver an unbeatable customer experience

  • Establish an effective strategic relationship with your customers right from the start through key conversations

  • Accelerate adoption, value and success with key tactics before, during and after Go Live

  • Drive your customers' commitment to success through structured, repeatable processes that work

  • Grow and scale your CS efforts while preventing customer churn

  • Increase recurring revenue with predictable sales, renewals, referrals and account expansions year after year


While our core customer success training content is excellent for meeting the needs of most organizations, we recognize that some people have unique needs or need additional detailed training. For additional learning and to get access to our advanced content and toolkits, subscribe to our professional growth program. Tri Tuns can also develop custom content specific to the needs of your team, organization or industry.

Course Description:

This course examines the role and expectations for CSMs in enabling and driving your customers' success.

Learning Objectives:

Set expectations for CSMs to act in a consultative role and understand client expectations for the CSM role.

Course Description:

This course examines how to initiate and keep your customers strategically focused on business outcomes and success with your solutions.

Learning Objectives:

Shift thinking and focus from features / benefits to solving business problems and creating business value.

Course Description:

This course examines the key concepts and focus areas for accelerating adoption of your solutions in your' environment so that they increase measurable business outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

Provide understanding of what drives and prevents customers from generating business value through effective use of your product.

Course Description:

This course examines why your customers are not achieving success from the traditional approaches customers take when introducing new systems.

Learning Objectives:

Increase CSMs subject matter expertise regarding typical approaches and techniques clients take to drive change and adoption and why they often fail to deliver expected business outcomes.

Course Description:

This course examines how to establish yourself as a strategic partner and trusted adviser for your customers right from the start.

Learning Objectives:

Enable CSMs to work effectively with client executives and help CSMs be viewed as an expert who can solve business problems.

Course Description:

This course examines a 5-step process you should use to drive your customers' commitment to their success with your solutions as part of your onboarding playbook.

Learning Objectives:

Provide a clear, repeatable process that can be used with all customers and a starting point / structure you can use to develop playbooks.

Course Description:

This course examines specific before Go Live actions you should include in your playbook to prepare your customers to quickly adopt your solutions at Go Live.

Learning Objectives:

Define specific steps you can take to drive success from the moment a client signs until launch.

Course Description:

This course examines specific actions to include in your playbook that you should take at Go Live through the critical first 12 months to accelerate your customers' adoption of your solutions.

Learning Objectives:

Define unique client needs and opportunities to drive success during the critical initial Go Live period and identify specific actions to accelerate time to first value.

Course Description:

This course examines specific actions you should take post Go Live as part of your long-term adoption and account expansions playbook with your customers.

Learning Objectives:

Prepare CSMs to evolve how they work with clients over the long-term and enable CSMs to keep clients focused on value recognition from your software to expand accounts and increase renewals.

Course Description:

This course examines what is needed to achieve a customer-centric focus and cross-functional processes within your organization and the impact that tight internal alignment has on client experiences and outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

Identify actions CSMs can take internally to help all departments in your organization amplify the CS role and client success and identify tactics to address common challenges you may face internally when evolving your CS function.

Course Description:

This course Help CSMs move beyond phone calls and emails to better engage with clients by developing extremely effective tools, processes, collateral and playbooks for maximizing the effectiveness of their customer success efforts.

Learning Objectives:

You will examine how CS teams can jointly develop and share materials and processes that prove effective, identify how to develop new ways of engaging with hard to reach clients, and learn to develop developing toolkits and materials that can be reused across clients to scale your reach

Customer Success Fast Track Workshops

Expert-led, Facilitated, Small-Group, Problem-Solving Session

Our Fast Track Workshops are cleverly designed to accelerate development of the skills, tactics, tools, processes and action plans needed to work with your customers more effectively, increase retention and improve account expansion.

  • Expert-led, small group engagements

  • Focused on your specific needs, challenges and use cases

  • At your location

  • 1 or 2 day options

  • Highly interactive group exercises and discussion

Examples of specific outcomes your company can expect include:

  • CS team members change how they engage with customers to increase customer adoption and results

  • Increased CS team knowledge, skills and confidence in leading customers through all phases of the relationship  from initial contact through renewal

  • Creation of a focused action plan for improving CS team results over the next 6 - 12 months

  • Your customers recognize your extraordinary value

Our Fast Track Workshop is an expert-led, facilitated small-group engagement. Our experts help your team identify the specific business challenges, use-cases or scenarios you want to fix and we guide you through a variety of problem solving exercises to help you quickly develop new approaches for meeting your specific needs. The actions, content, and outcomes of each workshop directly depend on the participants. As a result, no two workshops are the same!

Hear What Others Have Said About Our Customer Success Services!

"Working with Tri Tuns has truly exceeded my expectations. Their approach and tactics make sense and their real-life examples make it all come to life."

"Our CS training program with Tri Tuns was eye opening. My mind was blown. It almost hurt."

"Tri Tuns gave us a new way of looking at our products and services and told us what we could do differently to accelerate business value."

"In just 3 days and a few post-training coaching sessions with Tri Tuns, our CS team was able to shift our thinking, learn new techniques and build an action plan for optimizing our capabilities."

"Our in-person Customer Success Workshop with Tri Tuns was such a good use of our time that we quickly signed up for a 2-day in-person training to dive even deeper into custom solutions for our specific use cases."

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