"Our CS training program with Tri Tuns was eye opening. My mind was blown. It almost hurt."

Do any of these Customer Success (CS) challenges sound familiar to you?

  • Blindsided by customer churn

  • Missed opportunities for upsells and account expansions

  • Lacking capacity to provide high-touch services to all of your customers

  • Customers struggling with product adoption

  • Value not recognized by your customers

Any one of these issues can lead to reactive survival mode and frustrating customer churn. Tri Tuns' CS training and consulting services solve these complex problems and many more to help you secure renewals, referrals and recurring revenue from loyal customers. Yes, it is possible. You will see results!

"Tri Tuns helped us see where the gaps were in our onboarding processes and now we know what to do to better position ourselves with our customers right from the start."

Online Training

Boost your CS knowledge and confidence where and when it's convenient for you and/or your CS team

In-Person Training

Experience 2-5 days of remarkable expert-led custom and/or off-the-shelf CS training at your location

In-Person Workshops

Get 1-2 days of expert-led targeted solutions to your specific CS needs and use cases at your location

Training Events

CS training open to anyone (individuals or teams) anywhere in the world virtually or in-person in the Washington DC area

Consulting Packages

Get help overcoming common capacity and capability challenges with our flexible consulting packages

"In just 3 days and a few post-training coaching sessions with Tri Tuns, our CS team was able to shift our thinking, learn new techniques and build an action plan for optimizing our capabilities."

Tri Tuns' Online Training Packages

Are you looking for fast and affordable customer success training?

Do you have a distributed team working in multiple locations across the globe?

Do you want the flexibility of 100% online training and the option to ask questions?


We make it easy to get your CS team the training they need to deliver unbeatable value to your customers.

Our online training course is great on its own or as part of a blended learning package that includes expert-led training sessions and post-training support calls.

Our online training is also SCORM 1.2 compliant so you can host it on your internal learning management system (LMS) or access it via Adopttec (Tri Tuns' online training and solutions portal).

Take the free online training demo!

We know that you have questions and want to make sure the online content is right for you.  We encourage you to take the free online training demo where you can experience the actual 10training content before you purchase.  We are sure that you will like what you see!

Simply choose the online training package that fits your needs

Packages: Base, Better or Best

Base Package
No User Minimum
Per Person
Onlince Customer Success Training - Base Package

10 Online Training Courses: • Available 24 / 7 and SCORM compliant • 120 Day access • Self-paced • Modern, interactive and easy to absorb • Fast and focused • Fundamental and advanced content • Proven strategies, tactics, processes and techniques • Real-life examples based on 20+ years of experience • Certification upon completion

Best Package
5 person minimum
Per Person
Onlince Customer Success Training - Best Package

10 Online Training Courses: • Available 24 / 7 and SCORM compliant • 120 Day access • Self-paced • Modern, interactive and easy to absorb • Fast and focused • Fundamental and advanced content • Proven strategies, tactics, processes and techniques • Real-life examples based on 20+ years of experience • Certification upon completion

Two (2) Instructor-led Training (ILT) Sessions: • 2 hours per ILT session • Virtual, live, interactive discussion • Real-life examples and stories based on 20+ years of experience • Expert answers to your questions

Two (2) Post-Training Support Calls: • 1-hour per call, held 30 & 60 days after course completion • Additional support options available

VIP Community Subscription: • 12 month access to private VIP community content • Expert ideas • Bonus templates and tools • Special promotions

"The live instructor-led training sessions really helped me feel more confident in knowing how to help our customers drive adoption."

In-Person Customer Success Training

Give your CS team a boost in knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence in leading customers through all phases of the relationship from initial contact through renewal year after year.

  • At your location
  • 2-5 day options
  • Expert-led
  • Small or large group
  • Off-the-shelf or custom content
  • Interactive group exercises and discussions

"Tri Tuns gave us a new way of looking at our products and services and told us what we could do differently to accelerate business value."

Customer Success Fast Track Workshop

Experience excellent relationships with your customers who will recognize and acknowledge your extraordinary value right from the start. Tri Tuns' Fast Track CS Workshops are:

  • Focused on your specific needs, challenges and use cases
  • At your location
  • 1 or 2 day options
  • Expert-led
  • Small group
  • Highly interactive group exercises and discussion

"Our Tri Tuns' CS Workshop was intense, very fast and focused on our specific use cases. It was such a great use of our time."

2018 Customer Success Public Training Events

In less than 16 hours, we'll teach you the dos and don'ts of Customers Success based on our 20+ years of industry experience.

  • Virtual anywhere in the world or In-person in the DC area
  • Individuals or teams are welcome
  • Certificate upon completion
  • $899 + a FREE bonus of 2 follow-up support calls worth $900

Customer Success Consulting

Our CS consulting packages are flexible and designed to mature your CS operations for scalability and profitability. Examples of consulting work we do for our clients include:

  • Conduct an expert analysis of your customers' adoption issues
  • Develop your CS strategy and action plans
  • Optimize your CS playbooks and processes
  • Facilitate Executive / Stakeholder buy-in sessions
  • Conduct individual and/or team coaching sessions
  • Provide customer-facing programs


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