Six Reasons Why Every SaaS Vendor Needs a Customer Success Management Strategy

Just the other day, while talking to a SaaS cloud software vendor, we started talking about customer satisfaction and retention. They shared with me their examples of what is becoming a story that I hear all too often from SaaS vendors – that is, they have a great product and get lots of initial sales,[…]

7 Things Cloud Vendors Need to Do to Retain Customers

7 Things Cloud Vendors Need to Do to Retain Customers

The rise of cloud computing has made it easier for cloud software vendors to acquire new customers. It has also made it harder to keep them. We consistently hear from cloud vendors that they have no problem winning the sale, but if their customers have not been consistently using the software – and getting clear,[…]

User Adoption

IT User Adoption – a Question of Motivation

When it comes to User Adoption, this famous clip from the movie Office Space is a quick reminder of one of the most commonly overlooked issues when implementing IT systems – motivating people to work. And sure, Initech is a fictional company, but it actually resembles a lot of organizations with which I have worked[…]


Accelerating User Adoption

Observation Most IT projects focus on the supply of IT delivery – that is, they focus on getting the technology live – and they often ignore the key issue of driving full software user adoption and benefits realization. Further, there is an assumption that the key elements that determine user adoption are inherent to the[…]

Develop a Cohesive Customer Success Management Strategy

How to Develop a Cohesive Customer Success Management Strategy

*This blog post was written by Jason Whitehead, CEO of Tri Tuns and originally published publication on Openview Labs blog. Many SaaS vendors recognize the need for a Customer Success Management Strategy, but they struggle with knowing where to begin creating this capability. They often start with what they are comfortable with and by doing[…]

User Adoption

Design the right metrics to improve user adoption

Observation – Software User Adoption Have you noticed that you spend a large amount of time documenting process flows but fail to measure their IT implementation? How do you know if the end-users are enacting the system as designed and contributing to the business goals? We know that process documentation is necessary to ultimately guide[…]

Critical Path to Customer Success

Customer Success Management (CSM) and the Critical Path to Customer Renewals

*This blog post was written by Jason Whitehead, CEO of Tri Tuns and originally published publication on Openview Labs blog. Poor user adoption and the lack of perceived value by customers is the greatest challenge faced by SaaS vendors. Quite simply, a customer that is not using your software and not realizing measurable business value[…]


Customer Success Management (CSM): Your Critical Path to Customer Renewals

SaaS vendors – or any vendor that sells on a subscription basis – know that retaining customers (CSM) is critical for growing revenues and ensuring the overall prosperity of their organization. The challenge is that historically companies have focused on the initial sale and building new relationships. Renewals were nice, but not the top focus[…]

10 Simple Steps to increase CRM Adoption

10 Simple Steps: How One Fortune 100 Company Rapidly Increased CRM User Adoption

If you have worked on CRM User Adoption projects, I bet at some point in your career you have encountered this problem: after spending a lot of time and money to buy, customize and deploy a CRM system, only to face low user adoption or outright user resistance. At least, that was the situation we faced[…]


What’s Wrong With WIIFM – Get Some Answers

Observation – What’s Wrong With WIIFM? For years many pundits have said that the best way to motivate user adoption is to “sell” people on what they get for using the new system. They argue that you need to constantly tell each person, “What’s In It For Me” WIIFM. So, after many years of organizations[…]