Think You Can’t Increase Adoption and Reduce Churn Without Added Resources? Think Again.

  Is that new technology going to change your work life? Chances are, it won’t. Research shows that over 90% of multimillion dollar commercial and government projects are challenged, in that they come in over budget and under deliver, or they fail completely and have to be scrapped. The same studies show that often IT[…]

Software Adoption Planning

Investing In IT With No Software Adoption Strategy Is A High Stakes Gamble

REPORTED An article by the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), a research and advisory firm to leading organizations, stated that many companies in the Financial Services (FS) industry are increasing their investments in IT solutions, despite the volatile market conditions.  What is shocking is that CEB reports,   “only 24% of the controllers we recently asked believe they[…]


Six Reasons Why Every SaaS Vendor Needs a Customer Success Management Strategy

Just the other day, while talking to a SaaS cloud software vendor, we started talking about customer satisfaction and retention. They shared with me their examples of what is becoming a story that I hear all too often from SaaS vendors – that is, they have a great product and get lots of initial sales,[…]

How to Develop a Cohesive Customer Success Management Strategy

*This blog post was written by Jason Whitehead, CEO of Tri Tuns and originally published publication on Openview Labs blog. Many SaaS vendors recognize the need for a Customer Success Management Strategy, but they struggle with knowing where to begin creating this capability. They often start with what they are comfortable with and by doing[…]

User Adoption

Design the Right Metrics to Improve Software Adoption

Observation – Software User Adoption Have you noticed that you spend a large amount of time documenting process flows but fail to measure their IT implementation? How do you know if the end-users are enacting the system as designed and contributing to the business goals? We know that process documentation is necessary to ultimately guide[…]

Path to Success

Customer Success Management (CSM) and the Critical Path to Customer Renewals

*This blog post was written by Jason Whitehead, CEO of Tri Tuns and originally published publication on Openview Labs blog. “Poor user adoption and the lack of perceived value by customers is the greatest challenge faced by SaaS vendors. Quite simply, a customer that is not using your software and not realizing measurable business value[…]


Customer Success Management (CSM): Your Critical Path to Customer Renewals

SaaS vendors – or any vendor that sells on a subscription basis – know that retaining customers (CSM) is critical for growing revenues and ensuring the overall prosperity of their organization. The challenge is that historically companies have focused on the initial sale and building new relationships. Renewals were nice, but not the top focus[…]