Bridging the gap between pre and post-sales is one of the hardest challenges for organizations today. The proliferation of tools, siloed teams, and growing demands of your prospects and customers make it incredibly difficult to align sales, customer success, and business operations.

In our upcoming webinar,  Edward Czech, founder and CEO of Mergeable, and Jason Whitehead, CEO of Tri Tuns, will share how to better integrate customer-centric ideas and methods across the business to accelerate sales, reduce churn, and identify upselling opportunities. Successful companies are and will continue to cultivate a culture that is centered around the customer experience, before the customer purchases your product.

Meet the presenters:

Jason Whitehead

Jason Whitehead is the CEO of Tri Tuns, a Customer Success and Software Adoption training and consulting company. He helps organizations develop the practices and capabilities that ensure people actually adopt systems to achieve clear and measurable business value to the organization. 

Edward Czech

Edward Czech has spent the last decade at the forefront of business development, sales, product management, and customer success for leading enterprise startups including Actifio and CloudHealth. His current venture, Mergeable is the first Customer Performance Platform™ that ensures continued success for your customers, throughout their entire lifecycle. Easily predict customer health, measure progress, and automate behaviors, allowing you to focus on the relationship--no code required.