What is Adopttec?

Adopttec is an innovative, cloud-based portal that combines self-service automation coupled with human interventions that enable you to drive success outcomes from software. Whether you are a software vendor, an enterprise looking for ROI on your investment, or an individual looking to increase your capacity to drive change and adoption, Adopttec is the answer!

Adopttec is based on over a decade of experience in the field of change and software adoption to provide you with proven and scalable techniques that actually work! Adopttec is truly a low-cost, low-risk solution that provides access to resources that could otherwise cost your organization millions of dollars to design, develop, and deliver on your own.

When it comes to aligning people, processes, and technology to achieve organizational results, let Adopttec do the hard work for you!

How It Works

The best way to describe how Adopttec works is to think of it as a guided experience, where you’ll be led through a series of interactive elements designed to increase your ability to drive change and software adoption within your organization or your customers’ organization. As part of Adopttec, you’ll be provided with instructional videos, time-saving practices, actionable toolkits, templates, samples, examples and checklists. In addition, Adopttec is the only solution in the marketplace that enables access to exclusive micro-consulting engagements and virtual community events where subject matter experts will work with you to overcome your most challenging issues.

If you’re in need of custom solutions and custom content, Tri Tuns can help with that too. As part of Adopttec, you can utilize pre-built content and/or have our subject matter experts develop custom content to meet your specific needs.

There are 3 versions of Adopttec, which one is right for you?

Adopttec Pro for Individuals

Adopttec Pro is intended for individuals interested in increasing their capacity in software adoption and/or customer success

Adopttec for Software Adoption / OCM

Customer Success Team

Adopttec for Software Adoption/OCM is intended for organizations interested in achieving ROI from their IT investments

Adopttec for Customer Success Management

Adopttec for SaaS Vendors

Adopttec for customer success was developed to assist software organizations with driving success with their customer organizations

Adopttec for Software Adoption / Organizational Change Management (OCM)

Adopttec for Software Adoption / Organizational Change Management (OCM) is designed to help organizations get the most out of their investments in software. You don’t need to be an expert in adoption, customer success, or technology; but you do need the people, processes and technology to work in concert to achieve measurable business outcomes.

Adopttec for Enterprise helps you navigate technological change and achieve maximum adoption of all your IT systems. It’s the perfect solution for organizations of any size interested in realizing real and significant returns from their IT investments. You could spend hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of dollars for consultants or additional staff to drive change and adoption of your software, or you could get Adopttec.

Software Adoption and collaboration

Adopttec for Customer Success

The most effective Customer Success programs go beyond providing account management to assist customers with navigating change and accelerating software adoption. With Adopttec's interactive resources designed to accelerate change and software adoption even your most challenging customers can quickly realize value from your software.

If you're like most SaaS organizations your CS efforts are constrained due to a lack of time, money, knowledge and capacity to drive change and software adoption within customer organizations. Adopttec enables your organization to quickly deploy and scale your Customer Success service offerings to meet your customers current and future needs without adding resources.  

Adopttec Pro

Whether you’re an organizational change and software adoption professional or a member of a customer success department, Adopttec is the solution for you! With Adopttec Pro, you’ll have access to all the resources you need to quickly and effectively drive change and software adoption within your organization or your customers’ organization.

Your Adopttec Pro journey begins by purchasing either our Software User Adoption Fundamentals course or our Customer Success Fundamentals course and complete these self-paced, online learning programs within a 30 day period from purchase.  Once completed, you will be invited to subscribe to our ongoing learning and development program that includes access to online toolkits, training courses, and live, expert-led community workshops and discussions. You will also be able to purchase private on-demand consulting and training "Accelerator" engagements to get expert insights and recommendations at a low cost.

With Adopttec Pro, you'll have the knowledge and actions needed to achieve your desired end goals faster and easier than ever!

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