The only playbooks and training courses you'll ever need

to enhance your Customer Success efforts!

Want to retain your customers and keep them happy by delivering proven value, but don’t know the best way to start? We've got the answer.

Adopttec for SaaS vendors is an innovative, cloud-based customer success playbook and training solution that works in two ways: 

1.  Adopttec provides the knowledge and tools for Customer Success professionals to coach their clients through adoption of their software

2.  Adopttec includes playbooks and training materials that vendors can provide to their customers as part of a software adoption and change management program.  

 Adopttec serves as a low cost / low touch add-on to customer success services that maximizes the value that vendors deliver to their customers. The best part - it doesn't cost you time and resources to develop or deliver!


The most effective Customer Success programs go beyond providing account management by assisting their customers with the adoption of their software. With Adopttec, even your most challenging customers can quickly realize value from your software.

Adopttec is perfect for companies that want to:

  • Have immediate access to customer success toolkits and training materials 
  • Provide fast and effective customer success training to anyone in their organization
  • Eliminate hundreds of hours of work needed to develop customer success capacity
  • Successfully onboard new customers
  • Help their customers navigate software implementations 
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Learn how to market and sell for renewals
  • Drive renewal rates and increase recurring revenue 
  • Significantly reduce customer churn
  • Enhance account management and deliver stellar QBRs 

The Core Problem SaaS Vendors Need to Solve to Reduce Churn

How Tri Tuns is Different than Customer Success Automation Tools

How it Works

Adopttec is the no-fail customer success playbook that delivers self-service online access to instructional videos and time-saving tricks, toolkits, templates, samples, examples and checklists that your customer success team desperately need to coach your customers how they can effectively drive adoption and accelerate success with your software in their environment. It's as easy as following tried and true, fail-proof methods. Just follow the steps to get the answers you need, when you need them, at your own pace, and in your own space.

Access to subject matter experts is also available through Tri Tuns exclusive adoption accelerator sessions, virtual community events as well as tiered-support, targeted training and consulting packages tailored to your specific needs.

Why it Works

Adopttec works to drive adoption of any software for any size company because it's based on 10+ years of experience in the field of IT adoption to provide you the very best proven and scalable techniques that actually work and are easy to execute. It would cost you millions of dollars to learn and develop this on your own.

Adopttec solves enormous problems facing most SaaS companies, which is a lack of time, money, knowledge and capacity to drive success and adoption with your software. We've done the hard work for you so your resources can focus their valuable time and effort on what they do best and accelerate your customers' success.

Two CSM Roles: Account Management and Driving Adoption

Use Adopttec with Your Low, Medium and High-Touch Customers

Adopttec can add tremendous value to all your customers.

Your Customer Success team can use Adopttec with all customers. In the video below, we focus on the segment where many CS teams struggle - delivering effective, scalable adoption capabilities to your low-touch customers.

Contact Tri Tuns to learn how Adopttec can best work with your medium and high-touch customers.


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