• Customer Churn Got You Down?

    Getting SaaS customers is easy.
    It doesn't matter how many customers you get if you lose them at renewal.

    Keeping them is hard.
    Customer retention is the key to growth. Our Customer Success Management (CSM) service helps you reduce churn & increase revenues.

    Stop Churn
  • IT success is only achieved if your technology is used.
    Success is only achieved if your technology is actually used

    Full user adoption of your IT system is just as critical as choosing the right IT system.

    Tri Tuns helps you define new and innovative ways to achieve measurable business benefits from your IT investments. 

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  • Project Turnaround / ROI Rescue
    Low user adoption? Turn around your project & rescue your ROI.

    Did your change efforts fail?

    Many change efforts don't deliver the long-term user adoption you need. Which means your ROI suffers.

    What will you do now?

    If your previous change effort didn't work, how will you increase and sustain user adoption?

    Rescue ROI
  • Tri Tuns eBook: Avoid the CRM Failure Zone.  5 Steps to achieving success.
    Free eBook! Avoid the CRM Failure Zone: 5 Steps to Achieving Success

    CRM implementations fail at an astonishing rate.

    Tri Tuns helps you navigate your way to a successful CRM implementation in our free eBook.

    Don't let it happen to you.

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  • Tri Tuns combines IT expertise with Organizational Change Management (OCM) expertise.
    What Makes Us Unique

    We combine IT implementation expertise with advanced organization development and employee engagement techniques, which enables us to effectively drive desired user behavior. 

    While many consultants focus primarily on managing the initial “change”, we focus on both the initial change AND sustaining desired user adoption over the long term.

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  • Cloud systems are easier to deploy, but harder to adopt.
    Are You Ready for the Cloud?

    Cloud systems are easier to deploy.

    There are also unintended consequences to cloud IT.

    BUT, cloud systems are harder to adopt!

    Your organization can't change as fast  technology. 

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  • Tri Tuns makes organizational change management - OCM - easy.
    Why Tri Tuns?

    Because you can't afford for your organizational change or IT system implementation effort to fail.

    Tri Tuns develops and implements organizational change & user adoption strategies that get you the results you need.

    We make organizational change easy.

    We make change stick, so you're a success.

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    Quick Tips - Improve User Adoption

    Want to improve adoption of your IT systems?

    Do you struggle with low IT user adoption & disappointing ROI.

    Find out what you can do to maximize user adoption.

    Get our easy user adoption quick tips emailed to you each week.

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  • Get a Free User Adoption Consultation from Tri Tuns
    Free Consultation - Ask an Expert.

    Is your project at risk?  Find out now.

    Have you identified all barriers to adoption that have put your project at risk? We can help you minimize risks and move forward with confidence.

    Get a free consultation.

    Tri Tuns experts offer a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your project.  We provide suggestions for increasing user adoption & maximizing ROI.

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  • Take the free online User Adoption Assessment from Tri Tuns, LLC
    Take the Online Assessment

    Will people use your system?

    Our online tool helps you identify key project areas where your project is strong or at risk.

    Can you do more to ensure success?

    Get instant suggestions for how you can take immediate action to increase your chances for success.

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